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Combination Panels

The most popular control panels in the Horticultural industry are called “Combination Control Panels”.


Our panels include computer hardware, motor circuit controllers, contactors, computer/manual interface / override switch modules, control relays, control transformers, supplementary control circuit protectors and load centers (branch circuit breakers).

To combine all controls, power distribution equipment and starters in a few ‘easy to install’ panels, simplifies the total electrical installation and will save money on the complete project.


  • Minimizes the number of boxes to be installed, the result is a neat and clean installation
  • Custom built to suit your build. Off the shelf does not suit this industry!
  • Minimizes on site configuration and inter-panel connections
  • Main power supply IN, sensor wiring IN, equipment wiring OUT
  • Factory tested systems minimize installation time and commissioning time on site
  • Detailed drawings of the complete system, both inside and outside the box, aids service

University of Toronto, Biology Greenhouse, Mississauga, Ontario

March 2017

Acrobat designed, manufactured and implemented a Ridder greenhouse climate computer control system for the Biology Greenhouse at University of Toronto.

This is a facility for both research and teaching. Areas of research that rely upon include: climate change, plant ecology, plant molecular systematics, plant taxonomy, molecular genetics, genomics and bioinformatics and insect neuroendocrinology.

Department of Biology offers undergraduate programs in all of the major biological areas with specialization in four main topics: Ecology & Field Biology, Whole Organisms; Genetics & Evolution; Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology; Physiology & Behaviour

​Ron Vanderschee, Project Manager at DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing Ltd.:

“The University of Toronto- Mississauga Biology Greenhouse project was one of the most challenging institutional greenhouse projects I have been involved with. The controls aspect of the project was especially challenging with the Horti​MaX system controlling both the greenhouse and the support building​. This was a challenging project for both A​CROBAT PROJECTS & Horti​M​a​X as well. In the end the project was successful and I look forward to working ​again ​with Al and Michael ​from ACROBAT PROJECTS!”

Lighting Projects

Acrobat Projects is an industry leader in the field of grow light control. With installed projects approaching 1 gigawatt of connected load, we have the experience to control any size installation. From the largest lit greenhouses in North America to a small but intricate indoor facilities, we have the solutions needed to make your installation seamless. From dimming to checkerboarding we are able to design and supply what is needed to control your HPS and/or LED fixtures.

For the protection of your lighting investment, we offer industry leading surge protection and phase protection solutions, custom tailored to your facility. Through our PLC offerings, we assist with energy management.

Medicinal Cannabis

From the beginning, we have been honored to serve some of the largest Canadian and American cannabis producers in the marketplace today. We have also had the privilege to serve many successful start-ups as well. No matter what size or type of facility being built, we can integrate systems with your climate control computer. With our trusted in-house technicians, we can help you find the most user friendly and cost-effective solution possible, custom tailored to your site-specific needs.

Brock University, Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, St. Catharines, Ontario

Acrobat designed, manufactured and implemented the greenhouse climate computer control system for the new research (phytotron) greenhouse at Brock University.

The new research greenhouse perched atop the new Niagara Health and Biosciences Research Complex was completed in May 2012.

Acrobat fully customized and integrated a Hoogendoorn computer system into a complete electrical solution, including custom made control panels

The control panels were designed according the project specifications and include all power distribution circuit breaker panels, motor switch gear including thermal overload and phase protection devices, motor contactors, interface override selector switches and computer hardware.

The system design and installation were done in close harmony and cooperation with all parties who were involved in the building construction i.e. the architect, general contractor, greenhouse builder and all associated sub-contractors and equipment suppliers.

Ben Fehr, Project Manager:

“Acrobat was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of customized control panels as well as testing, commissioning, training and after sales service of the Hoogendoorn system. The ability that Acrobat has at working with us as a team and the ability to solve challenges together has been a really good experience. We look forward to working with them on other projects in the future. The high level of expertise and professionalism of Acrobat resulted in timely delivery while meeting all project specifications and within budget.”

Lebo Farms

Lebo Farms,  another collaboration between International and North American powerhouses Ridder Group, Anchor Hydro, Zwart Systems and Acrobat Projects. Together, a complete and state of the art water-technical solution was designed, installed and commissioned for phase 1, a 30 acre range near Leamington ON. The farm showcases the very best that Ridder has to offer, in a ‘Ridder all the way’ solution. Acrobat was a humble partner for this project and is very proud to serve the Lebo Farms / Vinefresh Acres / Ruthven Greenhouse Construction families. Read more

Les Serres Stephane Bertrand, Mirabel, Quebec

Acrobat supplied and installed a turnkey, integrated Automation and Irrigation systems for the existing and new greenhouse construction at Les Serres Stephane Bertrand in Mirabel Quebec, Canada.

Project consists of:

  • Complete new heat supply system including 2 new wood burning boilers, open buffer heat storage tank system and heat transport lines
  • Complete new Ridder greenhouse automation system including custom made, cULus approved electrical control panels
  • Complete new irrigation system including new Fertilizer irrigation unit and a HortiMaX VitaLite UV disinfection unit for re-use of irrigation water.

André Riopel, head grower at Les Serres Bertrand:

“In 2014 we gave Acrobat Projects the order to replace an existing computer system with a HortiMaX (Ridder) system, because we wanted to be more precise in our control of the climate, irrigation and heating.

The first stage of the project work was not only to install a HortiMaX system, but a completely new heat management system was also installed including wood burning boilers and heat storage systems.

“We wanted to have one main control system to control our entire operation,” said Riopel. “While the many setting possibilities appeared to be overwhelming in the beginning, we received great support from the French speaking HortiMaX’ helpdesk, and direct support from Acrobat. We learned how to work with simple settings in the beginning, and learned a lot shortly after. It’s really easy to make fast progress with the system. Also in regards to the support during the installation, the technicians of Acrobat Projects did a great job, working in close harmony with the greenhouse builder, our staff, local installers and electricians.”

CosMic Plants, Beamsville, Ontario

In February 2010, Acrobat replaced an existing computer system with a Hoogendoorn control system in the state-of-the-art facility of CosMic Plants.

CosMic Plants of Beamsville, Ontario, has become one of Canada’s leading Phalaenopsis orchid specialists. The combined propagation and finished plant operation is headed by brothers Neil and Mike van Steekelenburg.

This is not a crop for the faint-hearted, or those without experience. It takes 18 months before you have flowering plants ready for the market. “It’s a huge investment,” notes Mike. “This is why you want to be sure that you’re working with exceptional quality for plant material, as well as equipment.” The greenhouse is “as state of the art as it gets” for growing Phalaenopsis orchids, Mike explains. This ensures premium plant quality, maximum production efficiency and minimal plant losses.

Neil van Steekelenburg, owner of CosMic Plants: “Acrobat played a big role in making the transition from one computer system to another, a smooth one. There was not a moment that we were ‘in the dark’ or without control. They were very aware of the implementations of the transitions to the grower”.

Martens Greenhouses, Beamsville, Ontario

Before W. Martens started to grow cucumbers at the Bluewater greenhouses in Beamsville, ON Canada, a comprehensive history preceded. Initially the first greenhouses were built as an educative tourist attraction for the Niagara Region visitors to promote and educate about advanced greenhouse production. Later a floral entrepreneur transformed the greenhouse into a potted Bromelia production. In 2010, Leamington grower Bill Martens acquired the operations in order to expand his production in the Niagara peninsula.

As the property has changed and shifted between many types of cultivation since the start, it has an extensive history

“Also in terms of controls, technology and installation”, said Al van den Ende of ACROBAT PROJECTS. “A cocktail of climate controls, automation and equipment has been used in this greenhouse operation over the years. In 2013, Martens approached us with the request to replace the existing computer system and install one solid greenhouse control system with HortiMaX automation.”

ACROBAT PROJECTS, started the work at W. Martens shortly after. “First, we mapped all the current, old, wiring in the greenhouse complex, we removed everything that was no longer needed and installed HortiMaX controls in the existing greenhouses. As well as this, the boiler room was upgraded and a heat storage tank was built. Furthermore, Martens installed infrastructure for liquid CO2 dosing.”

Spring 2015, Martens started with a 7.5-acre expansion. Prins Greenhouses delivered the structure and Martens did a lot of building in-house. Again, ACROBAT PROJECTS was the partner of choice that was responsible for the implementation of HortiMaX automation controls for climate, energy, irrigation and labor management and the complete high and low voltage Electrical installation including CSA & UL approved control panels.

In 2019 the farm was purchased by Freeman Herbs, who after another round of retrofit, continue to grow with the Ridder control system. Although this farm has changed hands many times over the years, we are confident that Freeman Herbs will buck the trend and continue to grow their organic and conventional herbs, as well as their business in this beautiful location. Acrobat Projects is proud to serve the families and the farm they own.

Gotham Greens, Chicago, IL

Opened in 2015, Gotham Greens largest and most technologically advanced greenhouse built to date, is located in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago’s south side. Measuring over 75,000 square feet, the greenhouse represents the world’s largest and most productive rooftop farm. The Pullman facility will annually grow over 1 million heads of leafy greens and herbs, year-round, for the finest retailers and restaurants across the greater Chicagoland area.

Joep van den Bosch, CEO of HortiMaX, and Wil Lammers, President at HortiMaX Americas were present during the visit of in His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima to Gotham Greens Chicago in June 2015

Joep van den Bosch:

“Urban rooftop greenhouses differ in many ways from the traditional greenhouses in the Netherlands. What they have in common, however, is that the available space is limited and expensive. The innovative and customized technology provided by HortiMaX allows growers to make the best possible use of their production area.”

Acrobat Projects is proud to have been part of these projects, supplying their North American c-UL-us approved, custom designed control panels with integrated HortiMaX computer systems.