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How can we feed 10 billion people?

Our vision and mission is to contribute towards a solution as Greenhouse System Integrators, i.e. Automation-Electrical-Irrigation Control – View video

Process Automation

Regardless of whether your greenhouse is large or small, hi-tech or low-tech, maximizing your crop yields ultimately depends on creating the perfect growing conditions…read more

Acrobat Projects and Ridder

The demand for horticultural products is high in Canada and the United States. In order to serve this growing market, greenhouse technology provider Ridder cooperates intensively with North American support group Acrobat Projects…read more

Alliances At Work

Get ready for some serious greenhouse expansion. Next year, Lebo Farms plans to start growing in a completely new 30 acre greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario. Ridder Group and its local Canadian partners Anchor Hydro, Zwart Systems and Acrobat have recently started work on the greenhouse project…read more